Hidden Wounds it is an ongoing project about people from North Waziristan.
This portrait series has started in June 2011. Actually it is all about people who got involved, either actively or passively in a Drone Strike event. Some of them have been injured, some others lost one or more family members.
Physical wounds are, as much as their psychological traumas, at the core of this story. One of the forbidden consequences of living in an area targeted by Drones is indeed the resulting phobia and the inevitable assumption of drugs in order to reduce the effects of it.
To get in touch with these people It has been the result of an hard process of research and patience. It all started once I found in the news an article about lawyer Shahzad Akbar, who started working
on such cases for the first time in 2010.
As access to North Waziristan is forbidden for journalists, especially for foreigners, I have to negotiate, time by time, the locations where to meet with them out of the tribal belt. They are often afraid to be traced by secret services, on plus  because the curfews frequently launched in Waziristan, waiting time is often long.
For this reason I have to prevent their excessive exposure, often preferring to photograph them in the same locations I use as accommodation.

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