çapulcu (2013)

Since the dawn of time, driven by war or by the prospect of a better life, man has always had to make the choice whether to “stand and fight for his rights” or to leave his homeland in search of “the promise one” constructing, with struggle, a better life. When demonstrators first took to the streets to protest against the government prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan he said during a speech on 2June 2013, referring to protesters: “we cannot just watch some çapulcu (looters) inciting our people [….] Yes we will also build a mosque, I do not need permission for this. I got permission form the fifty percent of our citizens who elected us as the governing party.  The word also means marauders or bums. But ‘s attempt to demean his opponents has backfired. Protesters in Istanbul and other cities have embraced the word as their own, labelling themselves proud as çapulcu and even coining an English verb, capuling. Students sleeping under the plane trees in Gezi Park, Istanbul, have dubbed their makeshift camp Capulistan.

Aside the chronicles this very well diversified movement shown itself as a great laboratory , a social experiment, embodying successful cooperation and self-organization. An example of a new social  dynamic that involved the most diverse groups of the population.

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