Bloodbath in Karachi (2010)

Located in the Southern part of Pakistan, the commercial capital Karachi is the scene of numerous political, ethnical and religious violence. Targeted killings, summary executions and shootings are the daily lot for the inhabitants of the biggest city of Pakistan. This situation is linked mainly to conflicts between the Urdu party MQM, the Pashtun people’s one, ANP, and their both Mafia-like related branches that fight over the lands ownership.

Fear seems to dictate its own law when, at dawn, streets are deserted and become the scene of violent gangland killings.
Shops owned by Pashtun people are set to fire without any police investigations. Hospitals’ mortuaries are full everyday of relatives who come to visit those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hundreds of violent deaths are numbered in Karachi, since the beginning of the year, but no official number has been given.
So far there hasn’t been any concrete political answer to this situation of which the population is the main victim. The city is getting deeper everyday into this spiral of violence.

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